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If “All the World’s a Stage”, then “Life’s a Show” in the theatre world of Akron. So this was a crazy episode to make. You should have heard this episode back in the fall. However, right as I was finishing up the episode – due t[...]
Bobblehead collecting is serious business. When I received an email inviting me to the Bobblecon kick-off event, my first thought was, “I’ve got to see this.” So I headed to the Hibernian club in Akron, on Main Street. Bobblecon is the creation of Pedr[...]
I refuse to be intimidated by dance performances anymore! I figured the best way to get over being intimidated by dance was to reach out to some people who were better acquainted with the art form to help me enhance my understanding of it. So I got Christy Bolingbroke o[...]
TFW new friends from the Northern Cheyenne Nation come to visit Akron and lead a parade! That’s exactly what happened Monday, Oct 9. Students from the Northern Cheyenne Nation gathered with students from the Lippman School and Portage Path CLC. Then with the help [...]
Hey everybody! This isn’t a full on episode. This is just a fun little bonus for our listeners. I was recently hanging out with Leianne Heppner at the Summit County Historical Society and it happened to be feeding time for the sheep at Mutton Hill. So of course I [...]
Can you believe we made it to episode 3? In this episode we talk with Linda Conrad of Stan Hywet and Philippe Bergeron of Paintscaping to hear about Stan Hywet’s LightNights 3D mapping and projection show. Then we reach out to Marc Schwartz to learn about Detroit&[...]
Welcome to the second episode of “Gimme ArtsNow,” an arts and culture podcast produced by ArtsNow’s EXL Center intern Logan Lane and Roger Riddle where we talk to artists, art venues, and art patrons find what they’re creating, how they’re engaging their commu[...]
Well, here we are! We have arrived at the very first episode of the “Gimme Arts Now” podcast. Logan Lane, ArtsNow’s EXL Center intern, has been chronicling the development of the series in our blog as he works Roger Riddle to bring you all the cool cultural happe[...]