Episode 5 – Diving Into the Unkown with Gretchen Pleuss

Musician and producer, Gretchen Pleuss, shares the making of “The Unknown” from her album From Birth, To Breath, To Bone.

I moved to Akron in 2015 and started diving into the music scene. I ran across singer-songwriter Gretchen Pleuss (pronounced like “Plus”) and instantly fell in love with her music.

Shortly thereafter, Gretchen released her second full-length recording, From Birth, To Breath, To Bone. I bought it on LP as well as a digital download.

The album is an incredible walk through the stages of life – from birth to death. And it sounds incredible. However, the opening track – I just kept hitting repeat on it.

Gimme-ArtsNow-Gretchen-Pleuss-The-UnknownI eventually reached out to her and said, “Hey. How did you make this song?” She was nice enough to indulge me and told me the story of how the song came to be and what influences played a role in shaping it.

She produced the album with the help of Matt Schultzman. Musicians Justin Sustar,
Matt DeRubertis, Spencer Martin, James Harris, and Ed Marthey all sat in on the album recording sessions.

Gretchen is a very busy lady, playing gigs and hosting a regular Tuesday night open mic night at Uncorked Wine Bar in downtown Akron.

She recently released two live tracks on her Bandcamp page for free download from her recent Sofar Sounds performance.

I always enjoy hanging out and talking with this talented lady, so I hope you enjoy sitting in on this behind the scenes look at how she makes her music.

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