Mini 2 – The Northern Cheyenne Nation

TFW new friends from the Northern Cheyenne Nation come to visit Akron and lead a parade!

northern-cheyenne-nation-visits-Akron-Gimme-ArtsNowThat’s exactly what happened Monday, Oct 9. Students from the Northern Cheyenne Nation gathered with students from the Lippman School and Portage Path CLC. Then with the help of drummers and singers from the Northern Cheyenne Nation, they danced as they led the students from outside of Portage Path CLC to the Summit County Historical Society, and students and faculty from Emmanuel Christian Academy joined in along the route – which is along the historic Portage Path.

The Portage Path is an 8 mile stretch that connects the Cuyahoga and Tuscarawas rivers. The path was used daily by the native people who originally lived in this area. Now its marked by native cutting tool monuments along the route which is mostly residential area.

This program connecting the schools has been going on for 6 years now. As part of the program – with help from a G.A.R. Foundation Educator Initiative Grant – the students have been developing a web-based app that shares maps, history, and information about the Portage Path between the rivers.

In this mini-episode of Gimme ArtsNow, we hear from Thomas Shoulderblade, Rabbi Lee Moore, and Sam Chestnut – three people who were involved in making the student parade down the portage path happen.

Also, thanks to Karen Starr of Hazel Tree Interiors who captured photos while I captured audio.

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