ArtsNow works to offer tools, resources, and opportunities to ensure our colleagues and partners have access to information that will be helpful in their work. This page includes local, regional, and national reports that can assist you in telling your story as an organization or agency. We also share links to other resources provided by entities like Americans for the Arts.

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Links for Arts Educators

Fine Arts

The Cleveland Arts Education Consortium’s (CAEC) Ready To Go Online Arts Programs is now available! The updated 2020 booklet now includes online-virtual arts experiences and learning programs to assist with distance learning.

  • Google Art Project – (Grades K-12) This interactive website provides students, educators and parents with access to more than 40,000 artworks from 250 museums from around the world.
  • The Kennedy Center – (Grades K-12) This interactive arts website has articles, how-to lessons and activities, resource collections and media and interactives.
  • Making Music Fun – (Grades K-12) This interactive music website provides sheet music, worksheets, lesson plans, an online music library, music theory arcade games and songs.
  • National Gallery of Art – (Grades K-12) This interactive website provides teaching resources, videos, lessons, activities and student interactives.
  • Virtual Museum Tours – (Grades K-12) Travel and Leisure has provided virtual tours of museums around the globe. Students will be able to experience artifact exhibits, watch videos and engage in exploration at a museum in a new and exciting way.

Summary Report: Arts Educators’ Professional Development Needs Survey

GAR’s microgrant program for teachers

The Art of Ed

Art Education Resource Guide

ArtsNow Resources

Arts & Culture: Aging Creatively

Arts & Our Future: Engaging our Young People

Arts & The Economy

Public Art

Akron’s Plan for Public Art

Americans for the Arts Public Art Resource Center

How to Find Public Art Projects Online: CaFE (Call For Entry)

Policy and Procedures: Visual Artists Rights Act

The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions by Lynn Basa

The Art Opportunities Book by Benny Shaboy

The Business of Being an Artist by Daniel Grant

Planning for Public Art: Developer Guide

Creative Entrepreneur

*NEW* Complete Guide to 2021 Artist Grants & Opportunities | Artwork Archive

Artist Resume: Examples, Templates, and Resume Tips

Comparing an Artist’s CV with Their Biography

The Artist CV: Are you the right fit for the job or exhibition? Will you get noticed?

College Art Association of America: Standards & Guidelines – Intellectual Property

Insurance Info for Artists

Arts Field Guide to Federal Disaster Relief

Artist Help Network

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility

*NEW*  Creative Placemaking and Welcoming: Tips and Tools for Integrating Arts, Culture, and Immigration

Guide to Using Inclusive Language

Gender Transition and Transgender Inclusion in the Museum Workplace: A Toolkit for Trans Individuals, Institutions, and Coworkers


Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Renewing the Commitment: An ADA Compliance Guide for Nonprofits

Standards for Accessible Design

Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Compliance Assistance, Wages and Fair Labor Standards Act

Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Regulations

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Disability Language Style Guide

Terms to Avoid When Writing About Disability

Make Your Marketing More Accessible_VSAO_ArtsNow 2019

Interesting Reports & Stats

Community Ties: Understanding what attaches people to the place where they live” August, 2020 (Knight Foundation and Urban Institute)

The 2019 US Cities Sustainable Development Report

Setting the Stage_External Report (an overview of the work that stemmed from the gathering of ArtsNow, Partners for Theatre, and the Akron Civic to discuss the changing theatre landscape in Summit County and to set the stage for work ahead)

Racial Equity & Arts Funding

Creative Placemaking: Culture in Community Development

How the United States Fund Arts (a comprehensive overview of the diverse network of public and private funders that directly and indirectly support the arts in the U.S.)

VSA Ohio: Research Results – “Adaptation, Integration and the Arts” Makes a Difference

Americans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018: An In-depth Look at Perceptions & Attitudes About the Arts in America

GIA’s Annual Research on Support for Arts and Culture 2017

Museums as Economic Engines

Arts & Culture Landscape Study (the start of it all!)

Greater Ohio Policy Center (January 2016) 62.4 Report: Profile on Urban Health and Competitiveness in Akron, Ohio

Blue Ribbon Task Force Final Report and Recommendations

Greater Ohio Policy Center (February 2017): Opportunities for Residential Reinvestment in Akron’s Neighborhoods

Greater Ohio Policy Center (June 2016) From Akron to Zanesville: How Are Ohio’s Small and Mid-Sized Cities Faring?

Soul of the Community (November 2010)

Soul of the Community (November 2010) Full Report

Attracting and Retaining Talent to Greater Akron: Research, Report and Recommended Actions (August 2005)

Ohio Community Development

Ohio CDC Association 2016 Annual Report

An Overview of Community Development Corporations Creative Ohio: Transforming Communities (December 2015)

Tips & Tricks for Nonprofits

VolunteerPro- Expert Training for Volunteer Coordinators

Four Bold Moves: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay CEO shares lessons for fundraising capacity, resource investment, board engagement, and cash reserves

Funding Performance: Network Effect – A Profile of Venture Philanthropy Partners

Board Stewardship for Mission Effectiveness and Performance

Graceful Exit: Succession Planning for High-Performing CEOs

Effective Working Groups: Collective Process, Smart Solutions

Funding Performance: A Profile of the Mulago Foundation

Small But Mighty: The Performance Imperative for Small Nonprofits

Three Truths and a Lie About Organizational Performance (video)

Forging a Path to Educational Excellence: How a young organization used the Performance Practice to examine its role

Performance Practice for New Leaders

Performance Imperative: A Framework for Social-Sector Excellence

Handbook for Nonprofits (June 2012) from Ohio Attorney General’s Office

Starting a Nonprofit in Ohio

The Cycle and the Annotated Cycle

Example Business Documents

Example Contract for Curator

Building Ecosystems

Playbook for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem from ESHIP Summit

AFTA Seven Ways Local Arts Agencies Work