Sunshiny Day

Guest Blogger David B. Lile

Five years ago, my adult daughter and I went out on a Sunday morning photoshoot, to capture downtown Akron. We arrived downtown at about 7:00 am.

When we arrived at the Main Branch – Akron Public Library location, the angle of the sunlight allowed the library windows to become a single, giant, beautiful, reflective surface that displayed the entire opposite side of Main Street and all of its buildings, in perfect symmetry. While at that location, I captured about 20 images, from slightly different angles and camera level settings, from dark to light.

The final image that I chose was unusually easy to work
with in Photoshop. I sharpened it, added just a bit of texture, and added saturation and levels on different sections of the image, until I had created, what I felt was an image worthy of Akron and its library.

This image has been one of my most well-known images. In addition to its permanent residence in the Administrative Offices at this Stark State College building, it has been exhibited at Summit Art Space, the Moos Gallery at Western Reserve, Port Columbus International Airport, placed in a number of corporate brochures, along with being the retirement gift for the longtime Administrator of the Main Branch/Downtown Akron Public Library.

My objective with every image that I create is to…
“Inspire life among the otherwise inanimate and to integrate architectural and environmental elements into powerful expressions of art.”

I capture my images onsite, as a photographer, and continue creating each image in my production studio as an artist.

I shoot every image intentionally. When I capture an image, I am already thinking ahead as to what I can glean from that specific image in order to produce energy, vibrancy and life.

This image reflects the energy, knowledge, life and community that flows both from and into the library. It also proudly reflects the city around it, emanating from its unique, glass veneer windows.

I have a personal and professional belief that every city and large urban environment, throughout the world, contains a living, breathing soul.

Akron is no different. For Akron too has a heartbeat and one of its strongest heartbeats is its library; that reflects the city, its culture, and its people, providing light and knowledge for all.

David B Lile
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