Skin Art – Niki Jackson

This story series highlights the incredible talent of tattoo artists in Summit County. Niki Jackson can be found at Kustom Culture in Tallmadge.

What attracted you to the world of tattooing?
My older brother Jimi, is also a tattoo artist. Some of my favorite memories are morning coffee and painting or drawing sessions with him. I’ve always loved art in any form. I started just body piercing initially, then really got interested in the art going on around me. So, with my older brothers’ guidance I started tattooing pumpkins and such until friends and family were willing candidates. I’ve been tattooing now for almost 10 years.  

What’s your specialty? Favorite style? Favorite subject?
I would say my specialty tattooing is COLOR. I love making tattoos as bright and vivid as I can. Watercolor tattoos are especially fun because of how messy and unruly the art can be. tattoos. I have a heart for foodie tattoos! 

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I hope to be tattooing daily. Right now, with my children and the pandemic, I work at an appointment only level. I’m very much looking forward to doing more tattoos, large paintings, conventions and even art shows. I just want to be in a happy little art bubble.

Tell us about your tattoos.
I am not AS tattooed as other artists. But my artichoke thigh piece, that will eventually be a whole leg sleeve of vegetables is one of my favorites. I love to cook and often celebrate with food with my family. So it’s going to be a fun addition to my body. I have a portrait of Elvis Presley on my arm and some garlic hidden on my head as well that I love! My station is filled with Elvis gifts from amazing clients and friends. It’s a fandom my whole family shares.

What do you love about tattooing?
I love the tattoo community for its acceptance of diversity. People from all walks of life get tattooed!  I’ve met so many wonderful artists, friends, business owners and families that I am proud to call clients. Every artist has their own story but we’re all here for the same reason: ART. 

Do you have any other artistic hobbies/pursuits/jobs?
As for other artistic hobbies. I dabble in as much as I can. I adore doing art shows. I paint with acrylic, watercolor and now even digitally. I can usually find a way to incorporate art into everything. Even if it’s refinishing furniture, making my kids Halloween costumes or cooking!  

I work with all the amazing women (and Jerm, our piercer) at Kustom Culture, a woman-owned small business that’s been rockin’ for almost 20 years at 290 West Ave. in Tallmadge. I make appointments thru my email or thru our shop’s Facebook. I am @getnixi on Instagram where I post most of my work and little snippets into the life of a mom and wife…who happens to tattoo for a living.