My Akron Art Museum Experience by Harper Rosenberger

Guest Blogger: Harper Rosenberger

Hello. My name is Harper Rosenberger. I am nine years old, and recently I went to the art museum in Akron, Ohio with my aunt. I’ve been asked to write about my experience. I had a very good time at the gallery. I hope you enjoy my reflection.

The time I spent at the Akron Art Museum was absolutely splendid.  The art was so meaningful and amazing to look at. You can look at a painting and only imagine what it means. When you read the description of not only why the artist made this painting, but also the inspiration behind the beautiful canvas and all the layers of paint or oil, whatever the medium may be, you’re able to tell why this artwork was created. There is always a meaning. Even behind the smallest things, like tattoos, art, and even the naming of anything from a newborn baby to a new car.

Of all of my friends and classmates, I’m probably one of the few children I know and have observed my age to really appreciate these works of art. I am proud of my ability to actually understand the meaning of many works of art and to learn new things with every visit. Like,  Bye Bye Miss American Pie. It may look just like a cool piece of art at first, but you really have to look at the description of the masterpiece. Bye Bye Miss American Pie is a painting which, basically is showing that men of color were sent to Vietnam to fight for rights that they weren’t even going to have. They were sent overseas to fight for nothing except for the rights of the white people. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, woman seeming to be standing in the clouds, represents the stereotypical beauty ideal for American women. This painting was inspired by the 1970s hit called, “American Pie” by Don McLean.

I’ve been going to this art museum throughout the years of my childhood, and as I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the artwork more. I still can’t figure out a few things, but that’s okay. I’m just a kid after all. I think we’d all like to remember our childhood as the highlight of our life. Having amazing cultural experiences like visiting the art museum, has helped to make mine great. Go visit the Akron Art Museum. The time is now, and I have spoken.

(Art by Harper Rosenberger)