Meet the ‘Troubadour of Peace:’ Zach Freidhof

Guy playing guitar

Photo courtesy of the artist’s SummitLive365 profile

Whether he’s performing at a yoga class, a peace fest, a venue in his hometown of Akron, or by himself in the mountains of Wyoming, Zach Freidhof plays his music with the same passion that he brings to his community.

Zach started performing in 1999; now, he tours across the U.S. at nearly 200 locations annually. With his newest album (The Antidote), Zach hopes to “inspire people to their highest goodness, to encourage us all to manifest this goodness in some way in our lives.” He uses the funds from his album sales to help fund tree planting and nonviolence programming in Akron.

Here in Akron, Zach has helped start both the Akron Peace Project, an organization working against violence, and the Big Love Community, a network that inspires creative collaboration across the Akron community.

To see what other awesome things Zach is up to, check out his SummitLive365 profile page here. Make sure you create your own profile while you’re there!