Mayor Bill Judge

The City of Barberton has many organic assets surrounding arts, culture, and environment.  From the Towpath Trail running through town to beautiful Lake Anna Park, I am always impressed with these incredible environmental assets!  We continue to work collaboratively on the growth of arts and culture in our downtown and throughout the community.  From Magical Theatre Company, Ohio’s best professional theatre company for young audiences and families, to our visual public art installations and White Rabbit Galleries, the Barberton Public Library, the concerts and festivals at Lake Anna Park, the involvement and talent of the Barberton Public Schools and the constant support of Barberton Community Foundation as a key partner, there is substantial energy around arts and culture in Barberton and we are moving in the right direction.  The most exciting part for me are the future opportunities and possibilities we’re working on for the coming months.  We have plans to “super-size” the presence of arts, culture and environment  in the Barberton community to the benefit of our residents, students, businesses, and visitors alike.