Innovative Ingestibles at the Northside Marketplace (1 of 6)

In this blog series we will be learning about some of the Creatives of All Things Tasty who also happen to be vendors at an entrepreneurial co-op located at 21 Furnace Street in Akron. Today, the focus is on beautifully blended beverages where you will meet Jasmine and Avi of Jasmine Home Cooking and the Tea Dude himself, Chris Charek.

Jasmine Home Cooking Boba/Bubble/Blended Iced Beverages 

Photo of iced beverage
Another Photo of iced beverage

What’s the origin story of Jasmine Home Cooking?

We (Jasmine and Avi) met in Yunnan, China when Avi was looking for an English-speaking tour guide. We traveled, stopping in Avi’s home country of Israel and discovered we both love cooking, mainly Mediterranean or Asian, and especially when it brings us the taste of home. We moved to Avi’s home in Colorado after about three years and participated in a Farmers’ Market in Edwards, Colorado. Six years later, we opened a café near Colorado Mountain College and had a lot of success. The altitude wasn’t for us so we relocated to Akron, Ohio and came across the Northside Marketplace, who was in search of a food vendor. 

What attracted you to Boba Teas? 

Boba originally started in Taiwan and is popular all throughout Asia.  Boba teas contain tapioca balls and milk or non-dairy alternatives. There are so many flavors. We discovered most places around here use powder and we knew we could give people an authentic and delicious Boba experience using all natural and fresh ingredients. And hot summers always need beautiful, healthy, cooling drinks.  We make a variety of unique iced drinks too. 

What inspires you to create your products? 

We like the colors and nature of seasonal ingredients and have curiosity about pairings and the combinations. 

Which creation are you most proud of?  

I (Jasmine) can’t pick one. All of them! But on a hot day, I prefer the Limonana, which is an iced drink with three kinds of mint leaves blended into fresh lemonade. Or the Chrysanthemum and Goji Berry Tea, which has a cooling effect and is good for the kidneys. Avi’s favorite Boba tea is the Blue Sensation, which is made with butterfly pea flower and coconut milk.  

Photo of Blue Sensation
Blue Sensation

What’s next?

I am developing an iced tea using rose petals. 

How do you appreciate art locally? 

Akron art is so vibrant and deeply rooted in local lives.  We really enjoy photography and have gone to see some exhibitions. We are still discovering what Akron has to offer. 

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