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Mizz Shakesum

Photo by Charlee Harris
Photo by Charlee Harris

What’s the origin story behind Mizz Shakesum?

Mizz Shakesum was born in July of 2018. It all started when I used to work in a juice bar while working freelance as a trainer. During slow times at the juice bar, I would experiment with different recipes using different supplements readily available, like bee pollen, spirulina, echinacea, etc. One day I thought, why isn’t someone making taking these supplements more enjoyable? I researched the benefits of certain supplements and mixed those in to see what tastes best with certain fruits and veggies. I matched supplements to different blends and gave a protein smoothie to one of my personal training clients, who hated protein shakes. She took a drink and refused to believe that there was any protein in it. 

What attracted you to the world of Healthy Living?

I’ve been into health and fitness since 2012 and started really kicking up on healthy habits in 2018. I started playing with different recipes for breakfast and absolutely fell in love with creating smoothies and other fun drinks!

How do you get to be creative in your work?

I want all the different colors of the spectrum in my products. For example, I will do research on supplements that are pink (I.e. pitaya powder), order the product online, and play with different recipes until I find the one that fits the “groove” of the doctor combination. 

Mizz Shakesum products.

What inspires you to create your products?

When trying to get fit and build muscle, one of the most important parts of achieving that goal is getting enough protein in your diet and eating clean. Most people suck their teeth at the idea of eating healthy where my goal is to make eating healthy fun and enjoyable. My inspiration is seeing people enjoy their drinks and getting their nutrients also.

Which creation are you most proud of?

The creation I’m most proud of is the Power Packed Purple Haze. It actually came about by mistake. Originally I wanted to mix blackberries, peaches, and pineapple juice with the protein powder. While loading everything into the blender, I realized I was out of peaches. I grabbed a bag of berry mix out of the freezer and grabbed a bottle of cranberry juice and mixed that in with the blackberries and protein powder. That drink then became one of the most popular drinks on the menu.

In what ways were you creative as a child?

When I was a toddler I used to take a rubber band and wrap it around a plastic play pan and use it as a “guitar” and make different sounds with it. I was good at everything I tried, and as I got older, I began making origami figures and a writing a little bit of poetry. In my preteen years, I loved to draw pictures, paint my nails, and create different designs on press-on fingernails.

Labeling containers.
Photo by Charlee Harris

Do you pursue any artistic hobbies? 

Not pursuing anything in particular, but I would really love to learn how to put on makeup and do a dope winged liner. 

What’s next for Mizz Shakesum?

I’m doing research on different superfoods and their benefits for the human body. I’m adding more flavors blended with different superfoods (like pitaya or dragonfruit, turmeric, maca plant, etc.). 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself self-employed full time, married to my current fiancé, being financially stable and comfortable, being able to use my resources to help bless others, and give back to my community.

How do you plan on expanding your product range?

I would love to get a food truck and start creating more fun healthy foods like wraps, salads, and low-carb pizzas.

You can learn more about Mizz Shakessum at and follow on Facebook @mizzshakesumm.