Innovative Ingestibles at the Northside Marketplace (4 of 6)

In this blog series we will continue to learn about some of the Creatives of All Things Tasty who also happen to be vendors at an entrepreneurial co-op located at 21 Furnace Street in Akron. Today, the focus is once again on beautifully blended beverages where you will meet Sam and Kass of Nomz and Mizz Shakessum herself, aka Taylor.

 NOMZ Coffee and Cocktails

Spiked Apple Cider with Orange Infused Whipped Cream
Spiked Apple Cider with Orange Infused Whipped Cream

When and how was your business born?

Sam & Kass, who are partners of 12 years, saw the need for a lunch spot inside the Northside Marketplace. Sam always worked in the food industry, most recently – local favorite Mustard Seed Market and Cafe. After coaxing Sam that it was a good idea, NOMZ was born in 2018 with a locally sourced, seasonally rotating menu that offers vegan, gluten-free, and meat-eater options. The name comes from the anime sound of eating, “nom nom,”  so we always used to say “let’s go get some NOMZ” when hungry. Just recently, we expanded and now have a coffee and cocktail bar!

How do you get to be creative in your work?

Eating out and seeing cool things going on in the Instagram world often inspire us, whether it’s an ingredient that peaks our interest or a seasonal need. We’re always learning and discovering new creation for the menus! 

Pistachio Latte
Pistachio Latte

Which beverage are you most proud of? 

Our signature lattes. The coffee has been really tricky, especially when it comes to the latte art. It took Kass forty hours to get a sloppy heart pattern. With diligence, we’ve been growing to learn a multitude of latte art designs. It’s skillful & delicious. 

What’s in development right now?

Our fall cocktail menu! It features drinks inspired by apple, pear, and cranberry. We’re creating interesting twists on classic cocktail favorites and are most excited about the spiked apple cider with orange infused whipped cream. 

Macho Melon
Macho Melon

How do you plan on expanding even further? 

We hope in future years to renovate the kitchen to be able to handle the volume NOMZ is growing accustomed to as well as being able to offer bottled sauces, bread, and more. Future plans for the bar include doing more events like trivia, live music, wine and cocktail tastings paired with local chefs – our recent wine & Sweet Bean chocolate tasting event was a huge success!

Learn more at and follow on Facebook or Instagram @nomzeatz.

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