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Fat T’s Cookies

Photo of Cinn City
Cinn City

What’s the story behind Fat T’s Cookies? 

Hi I’m Travis and I’m the T in Fat T’s Cookies. In June of 2017 I randomly baked cookies one night and decided that is how I was going to pay for a gym membership. Two months after baking my first cookie ever I was named the top cookie in NE Ohio by Cleveland Magazine and became an official business on October 1st 2017.

What attracted you to the world of cookies?

Necessity. I never imagined that I would be more than a consumer of baked goods. Zero formal training, A LOT of formal eating. 

How do you get to be creative in your work?

I get to make cookies that you won’t find in the store. One of the big things we run through our heads when coming up with new products is “Is this memorable?” or “Is this beyond normal?” We believe normal isn’t remembered so you might as well leave your stamp on the world with it.

Photo of Moose House
Moose House

What inspires you to create your products?

I usually try to take things that aren’t typically cookies and turn them in to cookies. We’ve made cookies flavored like pumpkin spiced lattes, apple pie, Moose Tracks ice cream, and carrot cake. Either that, or would fat, 8-year-old Travis find this to be the most drool-worthy cookie ever?

Which cookie are you most proud of? 

S’mummer Camp. It is the third cookie I ever made and I immediately linked it to being a way to give back to the community. Half of the net proceeds go to the Akron Rotary Camp to send children and adults with special needs to camp for the summer. It has twice been named our National “Chompion” (2018 and 2020). 

Photo of S’mummer Camp
S’mummer Camp

In what ways were you creative as a child?

I wasn’t creative in the traditional sense as a kid. Most of the time you think artistic ability as far as children go. My mind has always seemed to wander and think outside the box. Most people start with ABC while my mind is thinking about XYZ.  

What’s next for Fat T’s? 

Business wise, I am currently on the trajectory to eventually opening up my own commercial kitchen or a brick and mortar storefront. Only time will tell…

What have you always wanted to do creatively, but just haven’t found the time yet? 

I’ve been wanting to pick the saxophone back up and see how good I am. If I’m good enough I would want to be like Ron Swanson in Parks and Rec and have a Duke Silver alter ego.

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