Home is Where the Art Is: Base Camp Ceramics

This story series showcases Summit County artists who create beautiful and functional items for the home. Meet Carrie Ballard of Base Camp Ceramics located in Stow.

How did you discover ceramics?
I have always been connecting with Art in some way. I have an Art History degree from Kent State University and a background in photography, but it wasn’t until 2018, when my family temporarily moved to Colorado, that I decided to take pottery classes.  I fell in love with clay and haven’t stopped since.

What inspires your work?
Function and need.  I am continuously trying to make pieces that I need or want in my home.  This could be a thick bowl for guacamole, a hanging planter or even a new set of margarita tumblers. If I am going to use it in my house, I figure that other people will too.  

What’s your philosophy on the end product? 
I am passionate about interior design and decor. My end goal is to make functional art for your home. 

What do you love the most about your process/art? 
I love that there is an infinite amount of skills to master when it comes to ceramics. I am currently enjoying working with underglazes to make fun patterns and bright designs against raw clay. 

Do you have any tips for beginners?
I feel like I am still a beginner myself.  

Follow Carrie’s most recent work on Instagram @basecampceramics.  For commissions or to find her at events, check out her website, www.basecampceramics.com.  This summer she will be appearing at the Stow Farmers Market, Hartville Makers Market and other local spots.