Get Out of Your Own Way

Introducing Side Project Sessions: A New Event Series for Creative Side Projects

Guest Blogger: Lindsey Jo Scott

Again and again, I’ve had conversations with talented creatives who say they have a great idea, but lack the time, accountability or motivation to get it off the ground. Through my own creative practice, and in my work as a professional designer, I’ve also come to understand the pressures and challenges that come along with finding the time, clarity, and confidence to get something started or keep up the momentum. In my moments of desperation, I often find myself reading books and blogs about productivity, habits, and routines, while simultaneously lamenting over the fact that I still have not made progress on my projects.

Enter Side Project Sessions.

Originating in Melbourne, Australia, this regular event series offers a unique format of ‘peer-pressured productivity’ and a space for people to come together to overcome common blocks including procrastination and self-doubt and find routine, accountability, community and focus.

Side Project Sessions is the antidote to feeling stuck.

Whether it’s writing a novel, starting a blog, creating an illustration project, or tinkering away at a creative idea, having concentrated pockets of time is key to taking your project to the next step (or at least help you knock a little off your to do list!). Our definition of ‘creative’ is broad and we welcome all ideas and creative disciplines including, but not limited to, illustrators, writers, designers, photographers, philosophers, scientists, teachers, and academics. More than anything, this event is about providing time and space for anything you’ve been putting off, big or small.

As the new chapter host for Side Project Sessions – Ohio, I’m excited to bring this unique offering to our community. I believe that we are all better off when we are doing and creating the things we want in the world. My hope is that this event will help you get out of your own way to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do. Truly, something magic happens when you surround yourself with other creatives working on their projects – you’re inclined to work on yours too!

The first event in Akron is happening on Sunday, March 31 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m at the Grand Exchange, 933 W Exchange Street. Doors open at 1:45 p.m. for a 2:15 p.m. on the dot start. The event is designed around time management techniques to help get you into a state of deep work to focus on your labor of love, find accountability and have fun with your side project. As the main priority of the event is to focus and get work done, how much or how little you engage with others around you is entirely up to you and there is no pressure to share your work at all (introverts welcome!).

This first event is free, but ​registration​ is required as space is limited.

The event will continue as a monthly series with one event each month in Akron and one in Cleveland. The first Cleveland event will take place on Saturday, April 13 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Sail Loft, 3535 Perkins Avenue in Midtown. Next Akron event to take place Sunday, April 28. Details TBA.

If you have a project that’s been lingering on your to-do list for some time – from a novel to a series of sketches (or even just a backlog of emails!), I hope you will join us!


→ When: Sunday, March 31
Doors open 1:45 pm for a 2:15 pm on the dot start. Finishes at 5 pm

→ Where: The Grand Exchange 933 W Exchange Street, Akron

→ What to bring:
Headphones, notebooks, pens, pencils, whatever you need for focused project time!

→ How to register: Follow​ this link​!!

Find inspiration, advice and more at @​sideprojectsessions_ohio​ on Instagram!

For questions, media inquiries, or information regarding sponsorships, please contact