ArtsNow Patron Spotlight: Adam LaFaber

Art audiences, supporters, and patrons are all vital to a healthy arts and culture sector. This blog series will highlight some of the people who make the arts work in Summit County. Today we hear from Adam LaFaber, Digital Sandwich (Have somebody you want to nominate for the spotlight? Reach out to

What was your first introduction to arts and culture in Summit County? 

During my freshman year in college a local friend introduced me to Tuba Christmas. When we think of “the arts” I suspect that we all gravitate towards a certain aspect of the arts. For me this is music so I knew this event was right up my alley. I loved the concept, the venue (Akron Civic), and the unique spectacle I was witnessing. Maybe it was a touch of home sickness that first year away, or the nostalgia of the holidays, or the genius of the simplicity of the event itself, but I simply won’t forget that afternoon in Downtown Akron.

How do the arts in Summit County impact your life?

The arts impact life in Summit County whether we acknowledge them or not. Between the beautiful sculptures that welcome you to the distinct neighborhoods, the holiday shows at EJ from the orchestra, or the local artist’s work on my office wall, there is an impact every day if we choose to pay attention.

What artist or arts organization or artist do you wish more people knew about?

Ohio Shakespeare Festival. Whether during the season or one of their off-season Greystone shows they are an absolute hidden gem.

What is a “can’t miss” Summit County arts experience?

The Christmas Tree Festival is one of the most powerful events of any kind that I have ever seen. I never miss it. This is a tremendous event that truly showcases how the arts can make an impact in the community.