ArtsNow Friend of the Arts: Jilly’s Music Room

When did Jilly’s open?
November 2013

What do you feel makes the Akron music scene unique?
There has always been a vast amount of creativity in the region – spanning all of the arts – literary, visual, performance. Couple that abundance of creators with an active and engaged support system including philanthropists, patrons, venues, education systems, and media and you get an exciting, thriving scene. The driving force behind our uniqueness is our people.

The Ladies Night hosted a wonderful live streaming concert/dance party as a fundraiser benefitting Jilly’s staff. What do you feel is the value of these live streaming performances for musicians and venues during this time?
The livestream event that The Ladies Night organized to benefit Jilly’s staff was one of many livestreaming events launched by musicians and other performers during this pandemic. They are a lifeline. They keep us connected with each other and with the art that feeds our souls. 

How can we support Jilly’s right now?
Jilly’s – like most other venues – has temporarily closed for the duration of the stay-at-home order. The best way to support any and all of us is to show up for us when it’s over – to eat, drink and enjoy live music. We are a cash flow-based industry that survives on very slim margins. It will take a village to get us back on a strong footing. If you appreciate that you live in a community with a thriving arts and music scene, please patronize the artists, musicians, venues, and organizations that you love. We exist because people care.