ArtsNow Announces Campaign to Support Community

ArtsNow has announced a partnership with Summit County business The Social Dept. to show support and solidarity as a state who values arts, culture, and community.

The duo launched a t-shirt series which highlights the united front in Ohio and the core belief that arts, culture, and community will carry us forward.

This piece was designed by local artist and entrepreneur Andy Taray (owner of The Social Dept. & OADC / Ohioboy Art & Design Co.) in collaboration with ArtsNow, the backbone organization for arts and culture in Summit County. The graphics, using the phrase “United State of Ohio” can also be customized to reflect specific counties in the state and purchased on apparel or used as social media graphics.

“During times of uncertainty, we want to show solidarity as a community that values arts and culture and the people who drive that work,” says Taray. “When ArtsNow suggested working with us to use art and design to provide comfort and community, we jumped at the chance. We wanted to do our part in helping fellow artists make it through this mess. We know it’s a whole different ballgame to rely on your creativity to make a living.”

Three ways to show our solidarity:
1. Buy the shirt.

2. Give to ArtsNow: If you are able, you may donate directly to ArtsNow’s efforts to sup-port local artists by using this link.

3. Share the social graphic, add the frame to your Facebook profile picture, or set your social cover photo to the United State of Ohio.

“The arts and culture sector has traditionally been a space for healing, documenting our shared history and providing a path forward in recovery,” said Nicole Mullet, Executive Director of ArtsNow. “We are proud to partner with a business so willing to lend their talents to sharing our solidarity as a community and a state.”

When you make a gift, ArtsNow will be supporting artists through a free digital leadership series dubbed “The Dreamers & Doers,” where artists and leaders from across the region and beyond talk about creating, connecting, and leading forward together. (An anonymous donor has made the first pilot episodes possible thanks to a gift to ArtsNow.)

Additionally, ArtsNow will be contracting with Summit County artists to create unique streaming content for the community. For more information, please email

Together we are a United State of Ohio.

If you’re a nonprofit or arts and culture organization, individual artists or gig workers, helpful re-sources in navigating COVID-19 can be found at

“We pull for any small businesses doing things the right way, but have a special place for individuals who are attempting to make a living specifically off of their creativity,” Taray adds.

“We have personally tried to focus on channeling our emotions through continuing to create. Continuing what we do best and also pushing ourselves into new areas. Including our first children’s book we are developing with our 10 year old daughter. A great exercise to document this unprecedented time and part of her new way of learning!”