Arts + Culture Providers: We Want To Hear From You

By Nicole Mullet, ArtsNow Executive Directornicole-mullet-executive-director-artsnow

ArtsNow is collaborating with local arts agencies in Pittsburgh, Toledo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Columbus on a Wage & Benefit Survey.  The survey will yield comparative data about salary and benefits issues and help individual arts & culture organizations to both make hiring and compensation decisions and meet non-profit regulations. 

To achieve these objectives, we need your help.  Please take 20 minutes to complete the project’s survey via Survey Monkey, using this link:  The survey has 49 questions, but some (or many) questions may not apply to your organization. 

Further, the following links provide access to job descriptions and definitions of terms (Wage-Benefit Jobs, Glossary) and instructions for providing compensation information (Wage-Benefit, Compensation Instructions).  Please print out and refer to both documents as you begin to complete the survey.     

The initial survey submission deadline is November 16, 2018.  A final report with cross-site comparisons on a range of data points will be distributed to participating organizations as a PDF during the first quarter of 2019.

Your information will be held in the strictest confidence and viewed only by the project’s researchers. 

Questions?  Contact our research partner in Pittsburgh, Dr. David Pankratz, at  If you are NOT the party who should complete the Wage & Benefit survey, please forward it to the appropriate person in your organization.  Only one person per organization should complete this survey, ideally an Executive Director/CEO, Deputy Director, or Human Resources Director.   

Thank you for your participation.