5 Tips for Creating a Floral Masterpiece

Guest Blogger: Christopher J. Prior, Floral Artist

Consider the Space to Decide the Shape
Begin with deciding on the shape and size of the arrangement you’d like to create, often times this will depend on where you are going to display it. For instance when doing a dinner table piece you may want to create a low oblong piece without too much height so those seated can see over it or a more rounded piece placed on a stand or pedestal so guests can see through it.

Think 3-D
Next roughly lay out that shape you have decided on with whatever foliage and greenery you have chosen for your piece. You can begin by adding 2 stems of greens opposite one another to establish the length, 2 more to establish the width, then a couple stems to establish the height and then fill in with more stems to create a more solid shape.

Vary the Shapes, Sizes, and Textures
Once your shape is established with foliage you can begin to add flowers. Choose flowers of different shapes, sizes and textures to create a more interesting and eye appealing design. Start by adding flowers in the same key points you used to create your shape with the foliage stems – length, width, height and then fill in with each variety of flowers you are using. Note, the largest flowers will usually become the focal point of your design so those are best used in the center with the smaller flowers flowing outward toward the edges of the foliage.

The Vessel is a Focal Point
When choosing a container for your design remember the container should be part of the design and focal point, not just something to hold the design. Consider the flowers, colors, and shapes you are using and choose a vessel that will compliment those things. Note that flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores are wonderful places to find interesting and colorful containers.

Break the Rules
Once you have become comfortable with the basics and experimented with creating different shapes and sizes, your own style and process will develop. At this point, I encourage you to break all the rules so to speak; let the flowers and container speak to you when designing. Get creative and let the process flow. Art and nature make excellent companions and in art and nature there are no mistakes, only beautiful surprises!

Christopher J. Prior was drawn to creative floral design at a young age and his skills were born out of a love for both art and nature. His background includes 37 years of floral design experience and a life-long love affair with fine art. He envisions and approaches each floral piece as if it were a three-dimensional painting. Christopher is available for weddings and small events. To catch some more glimpses of his work or to make inquiries, find him on Facebook.