COVID-19 Resources for Community Organizers and Public Space

COVID-19 Resources for Community Organizers and Public Space

*NEW* Americans for the Arts: Checking In on Public Art
AFTA hosted a national conversation on the state of public art. Featured speakers included:
Michael Chavez, Denver Arts & Venues Public Art Program Manager, and PAN Council Chair
Kipp Kobayashi, Artist, and PAN Council Vice-Chair
Elysian Kolgmeier, Artwork Archive Head of  Growth
Theresa Sweetland, Forecast Public Art Executive Director 5/19/20

The Public Art Archive is making a concerted effort to archive public art projects initiated in response to COVID-19. These projects can manifest in new artworks and/or they might include programming for engaging with existing artwork in your collection. Because some of these initiatives may be temporary, we feel it especially important to capture this public art now, rather than wait until they may no longer be a part of our physical spaces. We accept submissions (at no cost) from artists and organizations that manage the art. As we add these artworks to the Public Art Archive database, we’ll make them available at a specific link for browsing and send that back out to the field. To submit projects:

1. Apply to the Public Art Archive’s Call for Submissions on CaFE; or
2. Guide for Submittal to the Public Art Archive 5/11/20

Drive-by muralism: The viewer becomes the producer

Carson City Arts & Culture #NevadaSafe: Enjoy Public Art While Social Distancing

Rose Kennedy Greenway Public Art Program “Augmented Reality at Home

When Rhode Island Called For Uplifting Public Art During Quarantine, Shepard Fairey Answered”, Forbes

Reston’s Stay-At-Home Chalk Art Event Encourages Creativity”, Patch

Works, From Home: new mural project from Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative”, WKBW 4/28/20

Office Hours with Arts Action Fund Nina Ozlu Tunceli will be available to help you navigate the complex web of funding opportunities, federal regulations, and deadlines related to the $3.2 trillion federal aid package in the CARES Act. To participate, click here during the open office hours Monday through Friday at 11 am – 12 pm ET on Zoom. Office hours are available now through April 24th. 4/14/20

Forecast: Forecast is launching a national initiative to support public artists and public art program administrators during this pandemic. We will immediately begin to offer pro bono consultations and technical support to any public artist or public art administrator based in the U.S. and the Native nations that share the same geography from now until May 31, 2020, as a response to the mounting effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 4/3/20

Stay At Home Order FAQ:

Community Engagement in the Time of COVID-19:

The Project for Public Space: How can public space managers and community organizers help address COVID-19, Published 3/19/20:

COVID-19 and Social Distancing: The impact on communities already battling isolation are in need of support during this time

COVID19 Effect Preparation Worksheet this worksheet does not distribute medical advice, but does share readiness measures artists, venues and organizations should review relative to COVID-19.

Ways of Gathering in the Age of COVID-19: A Guide to Livestreaming on HowlRound TV